Welcome, Mamas

Heal the Mamas text

alchemists. healers. intuitives.
birthers of life.
come and rest with us. howl at the moon with us.
​nourish yourselves and your wildlings with us.


​welcome, Mamas, to a

For millennia, we’ve been cornered and caged and subdued. We’ve been told how to have and raise our children and what to put into their bodies. We’ve been coerced into thinking the way we intuitively parent is wrong. We’ve felt shame and guilt for our choices and actions. We’ve bullied our own sacred temples in futile attempts to meet societal standards that have been pushed on us at every turn. We’ve allowed government or church to raise and indoctrinate our children.

We have forgotten the eternal connection to our people—the ancient and unbroken line of feminine intuition; the alchemists creating life; the wild mamas! Our tribe is everlasting and it awaits our return to awareness. Now is the time, sisters, to crawl out from under the boulders of societal, patriarchal and governmental pressure and R O A R together. We are not to be tamed for we are wild women and we know what is right for us; we always have. Remember who you are and why you are here. Look at your child(ren) and REMEMBER!

The Wild Mamas is a place of support, guidance, love and acceptance. Let’s work together to undo the damage that has been done to women and mamas, for ourselves and our children.

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