International Pen Pal Circle

Want to connect to other Wild Mamas across the globe?


How does it work?

A couple times a year via email, you’ll receive the Instagram handle and mailing address of a fellow Wild Mama and another Wild Mama will receive yours. You are free to write anything you wish to your Pen Pal and have your Wildling do the same. Introduce yourselves and ask your Pen Pal a bit about themselves, too! Send some photos or a postcard from your local area.

It’ll be your choice to respond to the letters you receive and maintain continued contact with the other Mama(s) if you desire.


What’s the point?

The goal is to connect you to Wild Mamas and Wildlings across the globe. Who knows, you might just find a Soul Sister Connection!
Complete the form below to join our International Pen Pal Circle for Mamas and Wildlings! 

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