Book Circle // Women Who Run With the Wolves

A Personal Welcome

Welcome Wild Mamas and Wild Humans who enter here.

Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, has unequivocally changed my life. A friend of mine gave this book to me in December of 2017 and by the 1st of January, The Wild Mamas (formerly Wild Mama Tribe) was born. With this book, I was thrust into the dark and murky waters of my own soul; I faced my patterns with Bluebeard, with society and with myself, and I also fell in love with the Wild Woman inside who had so patiently been awaiting my return. While I cannot make any promises, I’d say it’s safe to bet that this book will stir something within you. Women Who Run with the Wolves has become the proverbial bible for The Wild Mamas, and for my own life. May you find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had; may you reconnect to yourself and to the Wild Woman inside us all.



Founder of The Wild Mamas

Useful Information

This Book Circle is self-paced. I learned fairly early on in my relationship with this book that it’s not necessarily linear; you may or may not feel the same. Thus, this space can be navigated in any manner you wish. You might be drawn to a particular chapter…feel free to start there! Do what FEELS right. You may find yourself drawn toward or away from this book from time to time; let it come and go! I’ve been reading Women Who Run with the Wolves for well over a year now. There are moments I’m lost in its pages, ink smudged all over my hand from marking notes in the margins. There are also moments I see it in the corner of my eye, sitting on the shelf, invoking a sense of overwhelm within me. It’s not an easy read and the space between readings to digest the content is often necessary.

If you cannot afford the book, please reach out to me. I can provide access to an e-version; however, I believe nothing compares to a physical book and also, that supporting authors by directly purchasing their works is essential.

What to expect

Each chapter study will have a few sections, including a Reflection, an Invitation, an Affirmation, a Discussion, and, occasionally, additional Questions. The additional questions are simply available to enhance your experience and depth of reflection as you work through the chapters.

What sets this Book Circle apart from others?

  • It’s a branch of a larger community, @thewildmamas
  • Discussions are enabled for EACH chapter study. Hopefully, this will become a space where we can all reflect and engage together to strengthen our experiences to and connections with the book and one another.
  • Those enjoying the course are invited to join The Wild Mama’s closed Facebook Group, where we can expand on the discussion with other Wild Mamas. You’ll notice “invitations” in most chapter studies. Should you be interested, you can navigate to the respective album/image within the Facebook Group to connect/share, etc. The choice is yours!
  • There is NO pressure and there are NO deadlines! There’s not even an expectation for you to work in a linear fashion OR for you to complete every single chapter study. You are in control of every aspect.
  • it’s $1 (the additional .23 goes to Teachable)! What can you get for $1 these days? I’ve spent ages putting this together for you and my goal is to keep everything free or affordable for all. If you enjoy the course and would like to donate beyond the $1, please click here. Thank you!