Support The Wild Mamas

Simply put, I am acting in service, guiding The Wild Mamas along as it steadily becomes a community for Mamas across the globe. This is no small feat, but I deeply believe that if we work to heal ourselves, we can change the world and much of this work requires support, encouragement and space-holding by one another. We cannot do it alone.

As a community, some will step in while others observe. Those who are able will perhaps offer more, while those who cannot will simply rely on the rest of us. This energy transfer will ebb and flow over time and it shows the commitment of a true global community.

I’ve been asked if I’ll have a group or virtual meeting place where Mamas will have to pay to join, but this doesn’t sit right with me for the above reasons, among others. Personally, there are times when I know I can’t afford to join communities as such, though I may very well want to; I may feel excluded from a place I’m drawn to. My dream is for The Wild Mamas to be inclusive, not exclusive. Thus, at this time, The Wild Mamas will not require payments for information or communication, whatever may arise as we to grow. But how can I continue to act in service as a single mama? How can I offer continued incentives to other Wild Mamas who want to contribute more frequently? The work we do requires energy and dedication every day, but I’m determined to see it through so that all mamas may benefit. As many Mamas have iterated before me, I cannot do it alone.

This is where those who are able to offer slightly more may step in and shine so that others may be illuminated when their own lights are burning dimmer.

If you feel you have benefited from anything produced or shared by The Wild Mamas, please consider supporting the work I (and we) do here in any way you can. The Wild Mama Tribe needs you; without you it couldn’t exist. For it to continue to strive for its higher purpose, it requires us all to chip in. Some may offer time, while others will donate funds for the energy put forth.

Contributing financially allows all content to remain free so that those who are unable to contribute can still benefit and connect.

I share my sincerest gratitude for anything you can provide to keep The Wild Mamas afloat, so that it may continue to hold space and offer collective insight and inspiration for all of us.

More detailed payment options to come, but if you’re interested in donating now, you can send whatever you’d like to the PayPal account below. I’m researching best ways to ensure all funds go directly to the cause and not to whatever company facilitates the financial exchange.

In humble service,


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