Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Interested in collaborating with the Wild Mamas? 

We are proud to support and promote small, mama-run or mama-supporting businesses (or any businesses that empower children and women and strive to improve the world, really)! Take a look at some of the options and let us know how we can work together!

We currently have a few resident members who share their knowledge and/or experiences with the mamas each week; these include a Mamastrologist, a Tarot Reader and a Slow Family Living Mentor. We are on the lookout for other “specialists” who can help guide, educate, inspire and encourage the mamas. If you feel you have a skillset or experience that you’d like to share, reach out! 

Interested but a total commitment-phobe? No worries, we have other collab options. Read on… 

Have something you’d like to promote to our audience? Does it align with our core values and mission? Takeover Tuesdays gives you a direct opportunity to engage with our amazing Mamas, via 2 Instagram posts and a handful of IG stories! We only ask that you tell your own audience that you’ll be hanging out over at The Wild Mama’s IG for a bit, and to check us out! We’d also be open to a trade (product or takeover)!

Are you a one (or two) woman show? Are you working your buns off to raise a family and pursue your entrepreneurial passions? Are you making positive change in the world, through your parenting or otherwise? Let us know! We’d be happy to share your story with the Mamas as a Featured Friday guest on Instagram. 

Want to collaborate more long-term through an advertisement? We can feature you on our homepage and give shout-outs on Insta, but your product/service must align with our values! Additionally–and if necessary–your advert can be designed in house! Email for more info. 

We have a Stories Podcast for Wildlings, featuring unique, original stories that encourage individuality, self-acceptance and creativity. We not only write our own stories and poems, but we also invite you and your Wildlings to do the same! If you have an original (or public domain) story or poem that can be read in under 10 minutes, send us an email! 

Do you value what we are doing here and wish to contribute to the cause financially to keep us going? Click here for more information.

We aren’t sticklers. In fact, we tend to pretty much go-with-the-flow, so if you have any other ideas and would love to connect, don’t hesitate! We’re open to anything within reason. 

Email us:

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