About Lee

If you’re here, believe that there is a reason. Coincidence is a word used to explain something intangible, but there are no coincidences. Universe has its plan and there is purpose behind everything.

The Wild Mamas–formerly Wild Mama Tribe–was born out of soul-connection and a shared desire to reawaken the Wild Mama within. The call to join forces and unite, inspire and learn from the Wild Mamas of the world is strong. There is an energetic tie between us all and it beckons us to rise up and remember who we are. We hope to provide a space for the Wild Mamas…a community of likeminded mama wolves who are tired of hiding in the shadows and are ready to roar their way back into the light.

We launched just before the Wolf Moon on 1 January 2018. AROOOOOOOOO!

I’m Lee, the founding member of the Wild Mamas, and I’m honored you’re here.

The Basics:

  • @wildmysticmama
  • Single, queer Wild Mama
  • US citizen living abroad in Ireland
  • BA English and Elementary Education
  • Herbal Medicine post-grad Certification
  • MS Nutrition and Integrative Health (in progress)
  • Writer/Editor of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and Reading Curricula
  • Previously a reading therapist and teacher
  • Previously owned and ran a vegan, nature/Steiner-inspired preschool in the States

What I believe in:

  • vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle (in every way)
  • positive, non-shaming, respectful parenting and teaching
  • overhauling and reestablishing the entire education system
  • compassion for all living things (including Mother Earth)
  • total acceptance rather than tolerance (LGBTQ and ALL human rights)
  • self-love​
  • healing ourselves so we can positively impact the future via our own wildlings

What I cant live without:

  • my little girl (obviously)
  • my furbabies
  • being outside // fresh air
  • oils (for skin and hair) // my go-tos are patchouli, frankincense and rosehip in a sweet almond carrier
  • Mexican food (it’s been rough in Ireland)
  • houseplants and books everywhere
  • The Well Worn Path divination cards
  • moongazing and earthing

Hugs and kisses to Lindsey, who helped me get The Wild Mamas off to a running start…and for harnessing and appreciating my true wild nature.

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